Tech Tip: label your network cables

Tech Tip: label your network cables with what device they should be plugged into, in case something comes loose, its easy to find and fix

Routers and switches usually have many cables connected to them. once connected and working, everything should be fine. Someday though, you may have an issue that requires you to unplug some cables or move your equipment. If the cables are not labelled, you can run into issues of plugging the wrong cable into the wrong port, causing unnecessary headaches. Labeling each cable what it is connected to will help with troubleshooting and equipment moves.


Tech Tip: Connecting to Cloud Storage

Tech Tip: Cloud computing is great for syncing files, but always back it up on a physical drive for when you don’t have internet access

Cloud computing has come a long ways since it first became popular a few years ago. Having all your files available in a central location means easy access to all your files and no space requirements. That is how things like Google’s Chromebook operate, using only the cloud to store your files.

The one thing to remember with cloud storage is you need to have an active internet connection to access them. Internet hotspots along with mobile broadband allow us to connect almost anywhere, but there are still times when connections are hard to come by, or your local internet connection may suffer an outage. Always make sure to keep important files backed up on external storage drives so you can work on them when needed. The great thing about USB drives is how portable they are. Keeping your files a USB drive as a backup will make sure you don’t lose those documents and can always reference them when needed.