Tech Tip: Sync Chrome on your Phone and Desktop

Tech Tip: Sync Chrome on your Phone and Desktop

Most Android phones still come stock with the generic browser, however downloading Chrome for Android has a lot of advantages. Apart from running fast and having browser tabs, you can sync the pages you are viewing with your desktop client. Chrome for both desktop and mobile allows you to sign in using your Google account. By signing in, you can view web pages on your mobile phone, and then open up your desktop browser and find the same link without having to copy and paste into your browser.

To access browser tabs from your phone on your desktop, open up Chrome on your computer (Assuming you are signed into your Google account) Scroll down to “Recent Tabs” and open up the sub menu. You should see Tabs from your computer that were opened, but you should also see a section with your Mobile phone, followed by open tabs. Select the tab you want and instantly you will find the webpage you were looking for available to you.

Its a small feature, but very useful.


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