Tech Tip: Smartphones help in traffic

Tech Tip: many smartphone map Apps include realtime traffic conditions. Use these to plan your commute, but not while driving. BE SAFE!Smartphones have become great companions for us in many aspects of our daily lives.  Commuting is no different.  There are a number of apps that do help with directions and location, but some mapping apps will help plan your commute home.

Google Maps has a feature that gives real time traffic updates.  Using Green, yellow or red to mark the road conditions, you can see how well traffic is moving.  If you are planning a drive home, its great to check to see what the road conditions are like and get an approximate ETA on your commute home.  You can also then plot a new route using Google Maps and see how long it would take and determine which route is best.

Just a reminder though, that in many jurisdictions, using your phone, even as a GPS unit is illegal while driving.  Having your phone mounted on a bracket will help, but focusing on driving is essential.  Plan your route ahead of time and stay safe on the roads.

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