Tech Tip: backup or sync your password database

#TechTip store your password manager program on 2 USB drives. 1 to carry with you and 1 for backup, or sync to the cloud securely

We conclude the weeks blog about passwords with a post about how to manage those password database programs.

We have already covered why you need multiple passwords and how to manage the sheer number of them.  So now we have a simple tip that you really must follow: back up your password database!

With so many passwords to keep track of you need to keep them all written down somewhere and we recommend a password manager.  But if you only have that program on one computer, what happens if your computer crashes or is lost?  I usually recommend keeping your password manager on a USB drive so that you can move it between computers and its always with you.  But make sure if your database program is on a USB drive you have it backed up on a spare drive somewhere else.  Should you lose your drive you can still access all your sites.

The same can be said about syncing up your password database online.  If your manager automatically syncs online as with LastPass, or if you keep the file on a Drop box or Google Drive, you will have access to it anywhere and anytime. 

Password security may seem like a chore for those who don’t regularly make updates to it, bit a few steps now can save you a lot of trouble in the future.


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