Tech Tip: using Crowd sourcing for holiday ideas

#TechTip Use Social media to crowd source recipes or decorating ideas, but NOT gift ideas. Might tip someone off.

What makes Social Media so “Social”, is the interaction that comes from communicating ideas with your group of friends or followers.  I have talked in the past about how you can ask Google a question by typing it in and seeing what information pops up, but asking a question of those on social media outlets is going to give you the best responses.  The idea is called “Crowd Sourcing”

The term crowd sourcing comes from the idea of Outsourcing, where you have someone else do something for you.  It can be anything from cleaning to designing a new circuit board for a phone.  Outsourcing is commonly used in business. The idea of crowd sourcing is putting a question or thought out on social media and asking for assistance with it.

The holidays are the perfect time to try this out.  If you are looking for assistance with anything from decorating to holiday party planning, crowd sourcing may be your answer.

Give it a try.  Ask your friends and followers a simple question and see who responds.  The day of our recent snow storm, I asked everyone on Facebook and Twitter if they thought snow tires on a front wheel drive car or All Wheel Drive cars without snow tires would be better on the roads.  The response I got was incredible.  (The overwhelming answer, by the way, was snow tires).

Taking that example, and applying it to holiday planning ideas should net you some pretty good responses.  My one caveat though: don’t crowd source gift ideas.  Only because the answers might make it to the person you are getting the gift for.

The other bonus of crowd sourcing at the holidays is that it gives you a chance to interact with friends you may have lost touch with over the year.  Catch up with them and wish them well!


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