Tech Tip: Enjoy tunes from your phone in your car

#TechTip: Get a good Bluetooth car kit for your phone, and enjoy your music over your cars speakers

Bluetooth car kits have been around for many years now, and some cars already come with kits built in.  While Bluetooth headsets are still popular when driving, a decent car kit provides a great deal benefits.

First, lets start with the warning: Using your phone while driving can be dangerous and in some areas illegal.  Be aware of local laws regarding phones, electronic devices and driving.  Don’t drive distracted!  Keep your eyes on the road!

While using your phone can be dangerous, there are ways to safely set up your phone and car to limit the amount of distraction and make it safer.  A car kit or earpiece is a must is most jurisdictions now.  Make sure you have one.  As I said in a previous tech tip, keep a backup wired headset in your car just in case your wireless one dies on you.

While most car kits have the built in speaker, some will even go as far as syncing up to your car stereo, whether its built in to the car, or through an FM transmitter, your kit can send calls to your stereo, making it easier to hear the caller at the other end.

In addition to that, if your phone will sync to your car stereo, there should be a setting to play music from your phone over the stereo.  This gives you the enjoyment of your music every you go.  Whether it is music stored on your phone or streamed through your data connection, it will keep you tuned in that what you like best.

To safely operate your phone/music player, make sure your phone is in a proper cradle that attaches to your car.  The easiest way is to pick up a suction cup mount that has a generic adapter for all phones.  This way you can keep the same mount even if you change phones, or move the mount if you move cars.  Personally I’m more of a fan of mounts built in to a car, such as from ProClip.  Their car mounts often require professional installation, so its best for cars that you plan to keep for a long time.  They have individual brackets for each brand of phone, and each mount is custom designed for your car model.  Expensive yes, but I’ve been using them now for 8 years, 2 different cars and countless phones.

Most stores carrying smartphones, especially around the holiday season, will be carrying different suction cup window mounts.  This is fine for most people, but there are also mounts that clip to your car vents.  While these are handy, I recommend you don’t have the heaters blasting out of these vents directly onto your phone.  That makes it too easy for your phone to overheat.

You can probably pick up a nice long USB cable and run it from your phone, or Bluetooth kit, or both, and into your Cars power outlet. Get a 12V adapter with 2 USB ports on it to keep both your phone and bluetooth kit charged up at all times.

Stay safe and enjoy your drive!


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